Thursday, March 27, 2014

Brylee- Eight Weeks Old

Sweet Brylee girl! The eight week picture is by far my favorite! She is just too stinkin' cute! And she looks so growny sitting up!

This week Brylee discovered her hands. She can't keep her right hand out of her mouth. It is only a short time before she discovers how to loosen her fist and get her thumb in her mouth. I was really hoping I wouldn't have a thumb sucker, but so be it! We'll cross the bridge of getting rid of the thumb when we get there. One step at a time!

She also started smiling at me while feeding. Oh I love it! I will look down at her and tell her I love her and she will just smile away...until she realizes she's no longer getting milk :)

Time for the weekly recap:

-Thursday- I got some morning smiles before we started our day :) Her laugh and smiles bring such joy to me!

Brylee and I went to Mom's Morning Out at Pineland where we studied Esther 2. I brought chocolate chip muffins for everyone. My house smelled wonderful from baking them! After that, we went to Mapleview Mall for a stroller walk with five other moms from Momstown. It was great to meet new moms and babies we had not met yet. My friend Jess came too! Of course my chunky girl decided she wanted to eat once we got to the mall. So what did I do? I held her and fed her (with a cover on) with one hand and pushed the empty stroller with the other hand. Ha! I refused to sit in the nursing room by myself when I could meet other moms. Here was a quick picture I got when we first walked into the mall. 

-Friday- We played and played. I even got under Brylee's activity gym with her to see what it is like. :)

-Saturday- Every morning we start out reading to Brylee. She LOVES books! It's a special treat on Saturdays because Daddy gets to read to Brylee!

I'll take a second to explain Brylee's nakedness.1. The girl loves to be naked. 2. She gets so darn hot with any amount if clothing on when she sleeps. So, I swaddle her naked for bedtime. When she wakes up in the morning, we unswaddle her and give her some naked time before dressing her for the day. She loves it! 
I have been dying to ride on our neighbor, Dan's, four wheeler. He pulls a sled behind it with all the children of the neighbor taking turns riding. We had a big snow all day Saturday so Dan and the kiddos were out all day. When Brylee woke up from her nap, we took her outside to enjoy it....and I also got a ride in the sled! :) (I'm one of the kids in the top right picture). Dan also built the children an igloo. (Bottom right picture) How cool! 

Brylee loved the snow! She kept her tongue out to catch snowflakes! And finally, Daddy/ daughter time!

Matt wore her forward facing in the Bjorn for the first time. She loved it!

-Sunday- Or I should say Super Bowl Sunday! We went to the chili cookoff at Pineland, and yes of course I competed. I had never made chili before and man was it spicy! Brylee wore her Alabama cheerleading uniform and supported the Alabama Football alumni playing for the Seahawks. 

(I told you she loves that hand!)

A quarterback and a cheerleader :)

We love Hope! Thanks for your help with Brylee! She held Brylee while I played Family Feud. Our team won! Woohoo!

-Monday- We went to our normal Momstown group in the morning. That night, Pineland Baptist Church threw is a baby shower. Oh my! I was so overwhelmed and humbled. We were abundantly blessed as so many people have so selflessly...and many of whom we had never met. We have a church family who truly loves like Christ loves us.

-Tuesday- I had my 6 week postnatal OB visit. I just love Stella, my OB, and her nurse Teresa! Just so I have a picture of Brylee and the doctor who delivered her ( yes I am THAT mom):

 In our ROCK group, we learned about infant sleep. Apparently Brylee is supposed to be taking 2-3 hour naps during the day. Yea....that's not happening. At least she is a good night sleeper! My child is active like her mommy during the day. 

After group, Jess came over and we made crafts for our husbands for Valentines Day. I think the kids were tired of having their feet stamped. 

-Wednesday- We were supposed to fly to Atlanta but this happened:

So we changed our flight to early Thursday morning. This allowed me to get the house cleaned, laundry done and dishes washed. 

Travel time! 

Friday, January 31, 2014

Brylee-Seven Weeks Old

Look how big my girl looks sitting up! What a fast seven weeks it has been!! Let's jump to the weekly recap:

-Thursday: At Mom's Morning Out, we started the Esther Bible study by Beth Moore. I love some Beth Moore! 

Also, Daddy surprised us and came home for lunch! We were so happy! He likes to hold her in the football hold and "fly" her around. She loves it!

Brylee has cradle cap :(. I hate it. I know it doesn't bother her one bit, but Mommy does not like looking at it. Luckily her hair covers it up! I heard oils are good for it, so I decided to wash her hair in coconut oil. Bad. Idea. It was a greasy mess. I managed to get a picture of Brylee with her pouty lip while her hair was covered in coconut oil! Ha! (Sidenote: She is awake but her eyes are closed for the pic) We had to take a second bath to get it out! Brylee was in heaven because she LOVES her baths! Don't you love her post bath hair do! :)

-Friday: Brylee and I stayed in our pjs all day! She must have been worn out from our daily adventures! 

-Saturday- We finally got out our bread machine and made whole wheat bread. It may not look pretty but man was it delicious! (I accidently lost count while adding the flour, hence it was a little more dense that it should have been. We made it again on Sunday and it turned out much was prettier too but I failed to take a picture) Our next project is sourdough bread!

-Sunday- My girl wore her first piece of jewelry! I bought this for her two days before I found out she was a girl. I just knew :)

-Monday- Brylee and I went to the Momstown meetup to see our friends we met last week. 

-Tuesday- We talked about breast feeding at our ROCK group. Jess and Brittney came! I was thrilled they are now joining the group! After ROCK, Jess and I ran to a children's store. I bought a cozy cover and an amber necklace for Brylee. So many moms have raved about the healing amber necklaces that I had to try it! Check out Brylee's necklace and how cute she is in the cozy cover :) I can't help but laugh. 
(^ That is actually a Wednesday picture. She was laughing and talking to her artwork, which I will talk about in a minute. Just notice the necklace in the above picture)

-Wednesday- We went to Baby Picasso's today! We had a ball. As I mentioned above, Brylee was so proud of her artwork! Each month they have a theme and this month it is "Planes, Trains and Automobiles". We made this one for Daddy! :)

Brylee got a shout out from Momstown Burlington on Facebook so of course I have to show you :)

Also, isn't her fur coat adorable?!

Until next week! <3